February Roundup - Free Coaching and Other Goodies

February Roundup - Free Coaching and Other Goodies
Photo by Jamie Street / Unsplash

February may be a shorter month but we have certainly packed a lot in. In this round-up we will share with you what's been, what's coming up, and some further inspiration to help develop your career.

We are also giving away valuable coaching sessions over the next month. Read on to find out how to access the free sessions.

Space to think, relax and restore

With Valentine's in the month of February there often tends to be a focus on love, emotions and relationships. This is usually targeted around how people love us or how we love other people. But what about how we love ourselves?

How do you show up for yourself everyday?
How do you take care of your emotional needs at home and at work?
How do you demonstrate love and kindness to yourself?

In the monthly Lunch and Learn we talked about emotions, the stress response and how we can manage it. The session also provided helpful insight into how we can manage our stress response in the workplace.

Head over to the CC Club page to find out more or go direct to the Library room to watch the zoom recording of the session. You will also find last month's session on managing your performance review there too.

I want more!

Latest Blog - have you checked out the latest article all about how to ask for a pay rise. There is also a free 'how do I have that conversation' guide in the Library  for you to utilise to structure that discussion.

Coming Up

March is a great month as the flowers start to be visble, blossom appears on the trees and the days get longer. What's not to enjoy about Spring?!

It is also International Women's Day on the 8th March.

We are running our first 'Community Connect' meeting the day before and we will be exploring how we can all 'embrace equity', which is the theme of this year's IWD.

It is a free 60 minute session where you will have an opportunity to meet other members of the community as well as Joanne and Maggie.

It will be fun and interactive and every attendee will be entered into our competition to win a free coaching session with Joanne or Maggie.

So what are you waiting for? - book now and join us!

Group Coaching Circle - Supporting Each Other to Thrive

Free Group Coaching

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to collaborate with a small group of people who all want what's best for you and are prepared to support you in your quest to achieve success?

In Jan/Feb we ran our first group coaching circle sessions. In those sessions each individual group member brought a current opportunity or challenge they needed assistance with. As a group we worked together through asking questions, sharing knowedge or experiences so that the indiviual could have further thoughts on how to progress their issue.

Here are a few comments from the Group on their experience.

"I feel moved and priviledged to be part of this group'

"I'm grateful for the way everyone has been so supportive'

"I've implemented a new way to help me believe in myself and I feel so much better'.

We are running our second and last free cohort in March starting on Monday 13th at 7pm.

Session 1 is 90 mins
Session 2 is 75 mins

If you would like to seek support and get moving with a current challenge you are stuck with then email us at info@confidencecollaborative.com to register your interest. There are only 4 places so please don't hestitate if you want to be part of this experience. Don't miss this fabulous opportunity - send the email today.

Keep exploring. Be curious and show yourself some love!

Joanne and Maggie