Welcome to the Confidence Collaborative

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Welcome to your Community. We are so happy that you have joined us!

You are here for a reason, and we want to help you.

Our mission is to empower you to create the career you desire, while finding joy and fulfilment in your work. Remember, investing in yourself is the first step towards building a brighter future.

We also understand that getting started or committing time to your own personal needs whether personal or professional is bloomin tough! It's not easy with all the pressures on our time modern day life throws at you. We get it !

So we are here to make that easier & simpler for you . How do we do that?

We take time to understand your issues, challenges, dilemmas and opportunities - we've also experienced many ourselves.

We provide private, fun, inclusive, non-judgemental and friendly spaces for you to explore what you need at the pace that you feel is ok for you right now - with potential to ramp up when you are ready because to grow we need to step outside our current comfort zone.

So who are we and why are we compelled to support you?

Joanne Thompson and Maggie MaGeary

Founders Joanne and Maggie are determined professional women and coaches who are passionate about helping others develop a career they love and a life where they feel supported and fulfilled.

Our aim is to inspire professional women to grow their confidence, build the courage and career skills to enable a transformation within which will lead to both greater personal fulfilment and better career .

Our Vision

We wish to see a world where equality of opportunity is the norm... where women are supported to access the career they want, in the way they want it.

KPMG's Women in Leadership study identified that 67% of women believed they learned the most important lessons from other women and 82% percent of professional working women believe networking with female leaders will help them advance their careers. However, our experience to date (from 50+ years combined experience in business!) is that organisations still have a long way to go to get the best out of their employees and to support them in a way that works for women - and will lead to both personal and business success. So we want to shake things up.

  • We are here to help you elevate your thinking, to improve your skills and increase your courage to create and claim the future you deserve.
  • We empower each individual to recognise themselves as leaders of their own lives.
  • We support you to find your voice and the confidence to ask for what you want.
  • We help you develop knowledge and skills so you feel more confident in the decisions and actions you are taking.

Our Mission

With the "Confidence Collaborative" we are creating an accessible and friendly community where professional women:

  • have an independent, supportive and safe space to grow
  • can find the resources and tools they need to discover & develop their own potential
  • are inspired to take action
  • can be themselves and take on a challenge, in a supportive environment
  • can work toward delivering individual goals, acknowledge and celebrate success
  • can learn the skills to level up the score - creating and claiming opportunities for progression

How Do We Support You?

The Focus of the Confident Career Club

We have set up the Confident Career Club to help focus on three key areas that help you have the Career you want.

Mindset - Get you thinking in a productive and positive way - ready to be open-minded and learn.

Wellbeing - Focus on your wellbeing so you feel strong and resilient to tackle those obstacles in your way.

Career Skills - Give you the skills to unleash your potential and sky rocket your career.

These 3 areas all build the necessary COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE to own your future and reach beyond the here and now.

The Courageous Confidence Club

The CC Club is an incredible space and way to enhance your skills, knowledge and connections in a friendly, relaxed and fun way. We'll help you identify where you are in your career journey and what you need to move forward.

Get to know your community in the members lounge - Bar, with blue and yellow chairs

The current level to explore -

  • Free Member level gives you access to free resources, our live lunch and learn events, regular newsletter and key 'how to' articles - this is for people who want to be inspired to start thinking about greater steps in their career or just wants some specific instant help.

Not yet ready to join, then there is also help and support through the following ways.

Head over to The CC Club Page to see full details.

Blogs and Resources

We provide regular up to date insights and guides on how to elevate your confidence and elevate your career. We publish all manner of career related articles, newsletters, hints and videos for you to browse in your own time.

We also provide curated activities and exercises for you to try out at home to improve and support your personal wellbeing. Looking after yourself means you will have the energy and motivation to tackle the most daunting of career decisions.

Check out our post on Positive Thinking to start you off.

Events and Workshops - Free and Paid

We offer a free monthly on-line session open to all. We explore everyday issues which can be blockers to career confidence, in a down-to-earth and open way.  We share experiences and helpful strategies to manage those issues with a greater level of comfort and success, and we encourage attendees to tell their story and help others through shared insights.

We also offer paid workshops - these 2hour sessions drill further into specific areas where you may need help. For example, our first joint workshops will be on developing a career map, practising interview skills and building a resilience toolkit.

Please check out our Events Page for further detail.

Individual & Group Coaching

We offer professional, qualified and empathetic support to help you manage your current career and personal challenges. We do this through one-to-one coaching and group coaching programmes.

Please head to our Coaching Services to meet the Coaches and explore further.

So what action will you take today to own your career?

We would love you to join our Free Membership for now as we are currently working on Full Membership.

All you need to do is click the Sign Up/ Login button or the Subscribe button and it will ask you to sign up. Add in your name and email address and submit.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to click. The link acts as an automatic sign-in, so you will be automatically signed-in to your new community site when you return. No extra passwords to remember.

You will then have access to more great personal and professional development material and experiences like more in depth articles, discounts on services and events and a wider variety of support for your career and personal development.

Are you going round in circles with your business or career progression?