Free Resources

Free Resources
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Welcome to our free resources. We are delighted for you that you are taking time to invest in your own development and moving forward with some of the challenges you may be facing in your career and professional life.

If we are being honest, some of this is also very useful for your personal life too. S0 double bonus!

We regularly add to this page to offer you curated or designed, tools, exercises and resources to help you. You will need to sign up as a free member to access the material which includes downloads such as a 'S.W.O.T.' and 'How to Ask For a Pay Rise' conversation template.

We offer a greater level of detailed resources and services in our membership so we would love to see you there but we understand that often a commitment like that can be a step too far.

So take your time, try new things and give yourself the opportunity to grow and develop. We are always here to help if you have questions or get stuck or just want to explore a topic further.

Enjoy - and don't forget our regular lunch and learns are free if you attend live on the day. Head over to the Events page to find out more.

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Resources For You

In our Library there are various tools to help you develop your career - here are some free examples below to get you started...