Unlocking Your Potential - Welcome to Elevating You and Your Career

Unlocking Your Potential - Welcome to Elevating You and Your Career
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Hello to all you lovely humans out there. We are delighted that you have taken a step into the unknown and decided to explore your potential and we are here to help you do just that.

You can visit us regularly to read the latest insightful blog post or you can come and join the community and be an active member and pilot your own development.

We are Joanne and Maggie, the Co-Founders of the Confidence Collaborative and we are professional and positively determined people who know what it's like to develop your career and the challenges that can bring.

We have set upon a mission to give you the support that may  help when

  • you really need to get a promotion
  • you want to move companies and jobs
  • you are looking to refresh your career ambitons and dreams
  • evolve your growth mindset
  • build skills and capabilities such as leadership, networking  or interviewing skills
  • make connections to like minded people who are here to evolve together

There are various ways you can get involved

Be a Visitor - check out our free articles

Be a Free Member - sign up and receive free tools and resources, discounts and premium articles and come to the monthly free lunch and learn

Be a Full Member - join the Confident Career Club and head full throttle into your exciting learning adventure. Join the Community Connect, visit our couching Couch , get discounts on coaching sessions and much more.

The HOME (main landing page) takes you to blog posts that cover;

  • News about the Collaborative and it's co-founders Joanne and Maggie
  • Latest ideas and thought leadership on career management
  • Resources, hints and tips about career development
  • Resources about the Holistic You - career management is down to you so you need to look after yourself
  • Our latest events summary

If you sign up to be a member of our community, you will be part of something amazing where people respect and help each other. We want to be more than just a website or a one off useful blog post.

Maggie and I are keen to help you be the person you want to be and have the career or personal life you want to have. If you don't know what you want, well that's where we and this community can help too.

Being a member means you will get to know what is available to help you develop. There will be a monthly newsletter, discounts on paid events and coaching services, competitions and much more.

We really want to hear from you so we can provide you with what you really need, so feel free to engage with us directly and share your feedback.

We'd like to thank everyone who has helped us and supported us to get this far and we look to continue with energy and passion.

We really believe that we all have a place in the world where we can thrive, using our skills and strengths whilst upholding our values and being true to who we really are.

So everyone is welcome and we look forward to celebrating with you in this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.**

Sign up below if you would like to stay in touch and become a valued member of our community.

Joanne and Maggie