Kindness Wins

Kindness Wins
Photo by Dee @ Copper and Wild / Unsplash

We are here for many reasons but feel above else that mutual support is at the core of our community and that requires Kindness.

Here at the Confidence Collaborative, we want everyone to feel welcome. We all have a goal of progress however that may look for each of us. To do that we ask our community to be kind above all else.

Here are some ways you can be part of and nuture our kind community

  • Listen without judgement.
  • Be mindful of others in the group and allow space for everyone.
  • Share your experience where appropriate in order to help.
  • Recognise everyone learns differently and what works for you might not work for others.
  • Be respectful with your tone and language - we love positive language here.
  • Lift others up with a smile.
  • Be open to learning.
  • When you are tempted to criticise, ask yourself "is it true? And is it helpful?"
  • Remember to separate the 'problem' from the person could say "I didn't like her tone and approach, I felt patronised and micro-managed" rather than "*I didn't like her at all! She was a horrible boss!"

There are many others but this is a good starting list.

A kind and encouraging word can make someone's day, and an act of kindness can "boost feelings of confidence, being in control, happiness and optimism. It may also encourage others to repeat the good deed they've experienced themselves – contributing to a more positive community."

These are the words of

So if we are all kind, we all win.

So what are we waiting for - let's all encourage a *kind and confident community.