The CC Club - Your New BFF

The CC Club - Your New BFF
Photo by Chandler Walters / Unsplash

The Confidence Collaborative Club is a space we are developing to help you have somewhere to belong, to feel supported, listened to and most of all, to be able to be yourself.

Why did we start this club?

Joanne's Perspective:

Throughout my career, I was sooo busy I rarely had time to think about my own personal development and where my career was heading...

What.. Wait...You 'rarely had time'??
Yes - I had 2 kids, 2 dogs, a husband on shifts, family stuff, a job that was supposed to be 4 days but I ended doing 5 in 4 and working weekends.. the list goes on....

OK - so you had time. You managed to have time to do all of that..??
Well I guess if you put it that way, I had time but it wasn't my own... I had no choice but to do all of that stuff!

OK - so you had time and you filled it with activities that supported everyone around you except your career.
No I .. well I .. humph!... It didn't feel like I was making a conscious choice to de-prioritise my professional career. Especially as I had a well paid job and I worked hard to get it.

Was it the career you wanted?
Looking back, I guess there were roles and opportunities I wouldn't have taken. I think I would have maybe been more instrumental in thinking through what I really wanted to do instead of rolling along.
Oh pants! I guess I could have been more forthright in curating a career I loved rather than endured at times. It's so hard to fit it all in and search for support etc. I was already exhausted.

You de-prioritised your health and wellbeing ?


Yes, no, sometimes. I guess I did end up with professional burnout. Just fed up with work which rolled in to my personal life. I actually really liked parts of my job and realised a lot later on that I wanted to find more purpose and fulfillment. Thankfully I worked my way to a more satisfying career and I love it.

So what's the lesson you have learned?
It's never too late to start and give yourself the priority you deserve*

Maggie's Perspective:

I always loved my job as a consultant delivering change and worked hard - but juggling work and family life was not always easy! I often felt I had to compromise what mattered to me in order to be successful. My self-confidence was low and my ability to set boundaries was poor. I found it difficult to switch off and maintain a healthy balance and perspective. I saw/continue to see many other talented people, especially women, working equally hard but feeling constantly under pressure, and often being overlooked.

I hadn't actually stopped to think about what it was that I really wanted... until some family issues and a period of ill-health forced me to re-think.

Being away from work for some months and having to rebuild my life from scratch gave me space to really consider what aspects of the job mattered to me and which didn't. I wanted to continue working in business transformation but also to work 121 more and to start coaching. I also set firmer boundaries and get a healthy balance between my career and personal time.

*What have I learned? *
Life is too precious and short to hold back or dance to anyone else's tune. Too many talented and capable women work hard but dont put themselves forward for the opportunity to fulfil their potential. With a clear vision and the right support around you, you have the power to change the outcome!

Joanne and Maggie have learned along their career journeys that we all fundamentally need support, whether we are good at asking for it or not. So this is one of the main reasons for building a safe and rewarding space for you to go to really start to understand who you are, what you need and find help to achieve career progress.

We hope you sign up and join us and become part of the Confidence Collaborative family.

The CC Club is currently free. The paid Accelerator level membership will be opening its doors in the summer so watch out for further news nearer the time.