The Power of Positive Language: Self-Promotion for Success

The Power of Positive Language: Self-Promotion for Success
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On Friday 21st July we ran a Lunch and Learn on how to get visible in your work place in an authentic but memorable way so that it was clear to all , the value that you contributed in your workplace.

One area we touched on was the language we use when we are describing our skills, our successes and how we achieved them. In this article we delve a little further into the power of positive language.

In the competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is crucial to securing opportunities and advancing your career. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by using positive verbs and adjectives in your CV and when self-promoting.

Employing optimistic language not only enhances your chances of passing CV reviews but also increases visibility and leaves a lasting impression on potential or existing employers.

Let's explore the benefits and understand how this approach can pave the way to being visible and securing success.

  1. Captivating Attention: Positive language has the innate ability to captivate and engage readers. When employers skim through numerous CVs, utilising energetic verbs and adjectives that convey enthusiasm and accomplishment immediately sets you apart. Describing your skills as "accomplished," "innovative," and "results-driven" draws attention, urging employers to delve further into your credentials.
  2. Confidence and Credibility: Using positive language demonstrates self-assurance in your abilities. When you showcase your accomplishments with strong adjectives and verbs, it lends credibility to your claims. Hiring managers seek candidates who are clear about the value they can add, as it indicates a higher likelihood of success in the role.
  3. Highlighting Achievements: Positive language allows you to showcase your achievements effectively. Instead of simply stating your responsibilities, emphasize how you excelled in your previous roles. For instance, replacing "managed projects" with "successfully led cross-functional teams to achieve project milestones" gives a clearer and more powerful picture of your contributions.
  4. Increasing CV Impact: Your CV is often the first impression you make on employers. Utilizing positive language helps you create a lasting impact. By using words like "exceeded," "achieved," and "strengthened," you underline your value proposition and leave a positive impression on recruiters.
  5. Confidence during Interviews: When you've incorporated positive language into your self-promotion, it enhances your confidence during interviews. Being able to discuss your skills and accomplishments using strong, optimistic language further validates your potential as a valuable contributor to the company. Practising the words before the interview enables you to strengthen your belief in your capabilites.
  6. Building a Memorable Personal Brand: Positive language is an essential element in building a memorable personal brand. When networking or interacting with potential employers, your self-promotion will create a lasting impression, making you more likely to be remembered for future opportunities. The key here is to be authentic and true to yourself. Don't express achievements that you cannot substantiate under scrutiny.
  7. Demonstrating Growth Mindset: Using positive language reflects a growth mindset – the belief that you can improve and develop your skills over time. Employers appreciate candidates who are open to learning and growing, as this attitude fosters continuous improvement in the workplace.
  8. Showcasing Enthusiasm: Positive language allows you to showcase your enthusiasm for the role and the company. Employers appreciate candidates who are genuinely excited about a new opportunity, as it signifies commitment and dedication.

By crafting a narrative that highlights your achievements and skills with optimism and confidence, you position yourself as a standout candidate worth considering or a valuable member of the organisation who can achieve results.

You can start improving your language now by checking a few places for your use of positive words:

  • C.V. - check for positive adjectives and verbs.
  • Performance Appraisal - Descriptions of your achievements.
  • Linkedin Profile or Business Profile
  • Presentations
  • When introducing yourself to new people
  • Team values, vision and mission statements

Focus on showcasing your genuine strengths, experiences, and achievements in a way that aligns with the role you are applying for or the value you are adding. Use the power of positive language to propel your career to new heights and achieve the success you deserve.

If you would like to explore more ways to make your self visible at work or somewhere you wish to gain influence or make a greater contribution then check out our Lunch and Learn on Improving Your Visibility to Elevate Success. This is part of our Confident Career Club  (paid membership of £19.99 per month). You also get access to other lunch and learns, networking and accountability groups, coaching support, masterclasses and much more. You can unsubscribe any time.(Terms and conditions)

Be seen for the great person you are and the contribution you make

Joanne and Maggie