Building Career Resilience

Building Career Resilience
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros / Unsplash

In September's lunchtime live event we discussed ways of building Career Resilience, and it proved a popular topic.

It was great to see so many familiar and new faces join us for the session and how willing people were to share their own lessons from setbacks in the past... thank you everyone for showing up and for supporting each other on the call.

For those who missed it...
* We covered how the setback itself doesn't on its own necessarily create a negative result - our behaviour and response can influence this - watching the stories we are telling ourselves can be helpful.
* We talked about the importance of separating out the facts of what's happened from the feelings that we have and allowing ourselves the space to address the feelings before taking considered action in response.
* We encouraged each other to address feelings in a constructive way that feels safe to you - such as venting to a trusted friend, coach or mentor - rather than, for example, a manager who has just passed you over on a promotion!
* We introduced the idea that resilience is not just a character trait, like mental toughness, it's about our ability to bounce back and that depends on an integrated network of actions we can take to create a stronger safety net for ourselves - our 'Resilience toolkit'.  

Career resilience is about not about expecting everything to go your way all the time but knowing clearly what outcomes you are aiming for, being kind to yourself while learning from mistakes and staying open to new opportunities.