May Update -Embracing the Brighter Days: Exciting Updates and Opportunities Await!"

May Update -Embracing the Brighter Days: Exciting Updates and Opportunities Await!"
Photo by Rahul Pandit / Unsplash

Well it was a cool start to the month of May for the weather but we are finishing with some warmer and brighter days  in York and Edinburgh where Joanne and Maggie are based.

Joanne spent 2 weeks travelling around France and managed to tick 'visiting Lake Annecy' off her bucket list. She also got to see some different and very pretty places in Provence , a place full of colourful landscapes and quaint villages. A visit to Strasbourg showed the influence of its close neighbour Germany and seeing the beautiful Sainte Croix lake were highlights.

Sainte Croix Lake

Maggie has been working hard and had a visit to The Hague. Unfortunately on her return, her lovely Aunt passed away peacefully having been taken to hospital from her nursing home, so she has been preparing all the necessary arrangements and dealing with the emotions of grief.

Grief is a challenging emotion to navigate and everyone's grief journey is unique. In our experience it's useful to try different approaches and explore multiple resources to find what resonates with you personally and provides the support you need during the grieving process. Times like these which involve juggling personal life and work commitments are a good reminder of the need to be clear on what matters most, both within the workplace for ease of prioritisation and in life in general! This clarity and a good support network makes all the difference.

We send our best regards to Maggie and her family at this time and also to anyone in our community who may be facing a similar situation.

What's New?

Practicing gratitude is known for its calming and uplifting benefits so we have added a simple gratitude journal page to help you capture those positive moments and experiences.

Downloadable PDF in the Library

Visit the CC Club Library to download your copy now.

Did you see our May articles on Office Politics and Making a Change - Investing in Yourself.?

We aim to provide useful and practical support in these free articles so visit our Home page to keep up to date.

What's Coming Up?


We've have some exciting new topics and dates for our  Free Live Lunch and Learn sessions fo the rest of the year. Here's what's coming up:

Managing Office Politics - June 9th (May's topic re-arranged).

Make Networking Work for You - 16th June

- Why networking is important and how to get the best from it

Improve Your Visibility to Advance Your Career - 21st July

- Highlighting our successes to build advocates in the workplace and increase your chances on building supportive relationships leading to greater opportunities.

Great Ways to Build and Advance Your Career - 22nd September

We will be discussing 10 ways to advance your career and how you can get started.

What to Do When You Feel Like You Don't Fit In at Work - 20th October

We will explore how to work out why you feel this way and what to do about it.

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Create a Mindset for Success - 24th November

We will explore how we may be getting in our own way from achieving career success and what we can do about it.

If you missed one, we currently offer these on demand in our Library but that will change later when we introduce our exciting new membership. People will only be able to watch them 'live' on the day for free.

Wanting  Independent Support with A Challenge You Have?

Talking and sharing is a proven technique to allowing us to feel relief from our burden and start to gain new insight and perspective and how we are thinking and feeling.

So why not come and join our next Coaching Circle  - there are 2 sessions held a few weeks apart and it is an enthusiastic, caring and supportive space for you to discuss and explore your professional challenge and be able to become unstuck and move forward with it.

Geraldine - Small Business Owner - "I would recommend group coaching as it was lovely to hear enthusisam for what I do from females that I just met. I liked how they didn't give advice or be judgemental".

Next session starts Tuesday 13th June - 7pm to 8.30pm GMT UK

Price £40 (inc 2 x 90 minute sessions and workbook).

Vanessa - Financial Services - 'I felt seen and heard and it has been an amazing experience'

Building Interview Confidence

Many interviews include competency and behavioural questions and some are classed as 'informal', so what does that actually mean in the context of preparing for them. Our new course can help you build your interview muscles and your confidence.

This 3 week course allows you to

  • understand the interview process and the questioning techniques
  • understand what employers are looking for from you in your answers
  • some practical tools to help get you in the best shape to demonstrate the value you can add.

The sessions are at 12pm Thursday 22nd, 29th and 6th July. Price £40 (includes 3 x 60 min sessions and workbook).

Summer  Festivities

If you are looking for fun and festivities over the summer then why not try the Womanifest Festival in Chesire. They are offering 20% off tickets if you sign up to their newsletter.

We will be there running a stall and getting in on the fun. We will be offering mini coaching sessions using images, positive postcards and 'good karma' cards to spark thoughts and ideas. So come along and join us. Joanne currently has an eye on a few challenges, such as firewalking so there is so mcuh to choose from.

Have a wonderful rest of May and hope to see you soon in one of our sessions in June.

We are always interested to hear from YOU, our lovely community. If you have any questions, thoughts or requests for what you would like us to support you with then please get in touch

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Best Wishes

Joanne and Maggie