Feeling stuck? Trying something new can be the answer...

Feeling stuck? Trying something new can be the answer...

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Another Monday, another meeting, another same old frantic routine, juggling deadlines and ridiculous demands. Returning home to another pile of chores only for it all to start over again tomorrow?  If only there was another way...

The great news is - there is!

When we have had the same type of work or routine for a long time, it can sometimes feel that this is 'just how it is'. Over time, we've become numb and blind to the reality that there is a whole other world out there - and as many different ways of living as there are individuals on the planet!

So why can't we seem to imagine our lives a different way? Why do objections and cynical voices come rushing in any time we dare to dream of a change?

The science says our brains don't help... when we habitually stick to the same old routines, we re-inforce well trodden neural pathways within our brain which have become deeply established. These create a kind of shortcut in our thinking, putting us on 'auto-pilot' mode and sometimes generating a false sense of security - which is simply bred from familiarity. This makes us efficient at what we know and do regularly, so it serves a useful purpose - but there is a downside.  When we try to visualise behaving in other ways, defense-mechanisms in our thinking can self-sabotage these 'alien' thoughts - and perceive our potential for new possibilities as a threat to the nervous system.

And yet, some people who do make it happen.  Every once in a while, someone we know surprises us by making a dramatic decision to quit their job or emigrate.  It jolts our sense of the norm and what's possible.  It may even trigger a twinge of jealousy if we feel a bit stuck ourselves.  For some examples, check out these stories of others who started out just taking a new hobby at night class and ended up pivoting career.

So where can we start? And what should you do if you feel stuck but are not even sure what you'd prefer to do instead?

"If you don't like where you are heading, change direction" 

The good news is that it doesn't have to require immediate and extreme acts of bravery to get out of your comfort zone or to begin with a fully fledged, perfected vision and flawless 5 year plan. You can begin right now, from right where you are.

The first step in getting unstuck is simply paying attention to what is and isn't serving you in your current career, and getting your brain active and creative again by trying new things!

When we do this, the synapses in our brain start to get fired up again and soon we can recognise other possibilities and patterns of thinking that previously our minds were closing off to take the easy shortcut.  This article describes a little of the biological processes that make this happen.

'Something different' can be as simple as mixing up your morning routine - taking orange juice instead of coffee or walking a different route to the office and wearing a different style of top.  Then you might like to introduce another new twist - perhaps attempt some activity you've never done before. Once we have had a go at 'something different', we can start experimenting with more and more new things - and learn to recognise what we enjoyed or didn't and sense better where our true passions lie!

One inspiring lady took this idea of trying new things to a whole new level. Insurance worker Jess Mell had been suffering from depression and decided go give life one more chance by challenging herself to do something new each day. The impact she reports this having on her life was just extraordinary!

Next, you might try shadowing someone who is doing a completely different job. It could be a day in the business of a family friend, or a chat over coffee with a well respected person in a possible future target profession. What have you got to lose?!

We both know personally that it is completely possible to create a very different life from the same old dull routines. Making any dramatic change will likely bring doubts and challenges along the way, but you can start small and with friends and mentorship your side, or professional support from coaches like myself and Joanne, it can also be a wonderful voyage of discovery and bring you lots of joy and fulfilment along the way!

At our monthly Lunch and learn session in March we delved into how to go about making a career change and paying attention to the signs that change is needed. Check out the Library to see the recordings from our past events and get inspired.

Fancy some help to get started right now? Why not join our new Career Coaching Circle and join with others who also who want something to change. This consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions to kick start a career opportunity or issue you wish to explore but feel a bit stuck.

Vanessa's view (Finance Professional), "I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try something different and who wants to expand their horizon . It's a wonderful way to gain new insight and learn from other people outside of your immediate circle ".

We now have spring dates for our next sessions and a spring offer (runs out 31st March) to make it easier to invest in yourself. To find out more visit our Coaching Services Page or The Coaching Suite if you are already a member.

What new thing will you try today?

Maggie and Joanne