Journal Yourself to a Positive Mindset

Done with feeling fed up and not being able to see the positive - this can help re-align your thinking!

Green notebook and guided journal with purple and pink hummingbird motif
Positively Positve Journal and Notebook - Ltd edition wiro-bound and perfect bound notebook

Positively Positive Journal

Author Joanne Thompson

‘The layout is great, really easy to understand and follow.’ Katy D

‘Amazing. I love it. There's nothing else out there like it.’ Shiva S

‘I go to sleep feeling positive after completing the diary each night...There is a link between being positive and mindful and I now feel I'm moving into second gear.’ Sue D

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What is The Positively Positive Journal?

It is a transformative and inspiring guided journal that takes you through a series of 8 positive phases. The aim is to help you move towards becoming automatically positive in your choices, actions and behaviours leading to a happier life.

'Life is a one time offer - use it well'

How can it help you ?

The benefits of thinking positively are:

  • Helps you get inspired and motivated
  • Improves your health
  • Helps you see a wider perspective
  • Builds your resilience
  • Reduces your stress and anxiety

How does it work?

Getting started is key - so you start by checking in with yourself and identifying how you currently feel. The initial weeks are reflecting back on what has been good in your day. You then move through the 8 phases adding in additional activities that help you become less reactive and living in the past, to living in the here and now and seeing more possibilities for the future. The idea is to remove negative habits that are not supporting you and replace them with more optimistic ones. Eventually, you will be more positive without even realising it!

A Message From Joanne

'About eight years ago I was struggling to balance work and life and felt overwhelmed. Everything felt like a chore and after suffering a serious health issue, I wanted to enjoy every day not just the odd ones. So I started journaling what had been positive that day. After a month I noticed how much easier it was to see and talk about the good things that had happened. More opportunities opened up and I received them more enthusiastically. I now want to give people hope and empower them to take action and see that life can be better - they no longer need to live a life of circumstance.'

You can buy hard copies now from Amazon £10.99 for Perfect Bound version in Black or Green or buy a limited edition version of the wiro bound directly from Joanne (see 'Buy Button' above).

Not in the UK? Or prefer to utilise your tablet or computer? You can also purchase a downloadable version which fill in on your computer or print if you so wish. You will still have the same powerfully uplifting experience. (The downloadable version will be sent via email after purchase).

If you're looking for a notebook to brighten your day then Joanne has also created a notebook to complement the journal in various colours.

It has 134 mixed lined, doodle, notes and ideas and quotes pages. The colours are vibrant and brighten your mood (especially in those dull meetings!).

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