Interview Confidence

Interview Confidence
Photo by Tim Gouw / Unsplash

You're feeling hot, palms are clammy, your leg is bouncing up and down and you are waiting for that dreaded moment when they ask you a really challenging question that you don't know how to answer... was this your experience of your last interview?

Well, interviews don't have to feel like this!

At our free lunch and learn session in October we discussed making interviews a work for you and how to be prepared and reduce those nerves.

Here are some of the highlights and top tips...

We discussed the need to remember interviewing is a 2-way street, and to be prepared to ask questions in advance about the role and the interview process (style/structure, who is interviewing, steps in the process etc) to help you feel better prepared.

We encouraged you not to be afraid to clarify a question on the day if anything is unclear.

We covered a range of topics on the call but summarised the following top 5 points...
♥️ Know your why... Is it even the right role for you? What is it about the role that excites you? Employers will love to see your passion for the job!                       💪 Know your strengths...
Be honest and celebrate your good points. Identify and acknowledge the positive contributions you can bring to the team.
⛔️ Know your limits...
Not just what are your growth areas - but also what will not be acceptable or workable for you, such as working hours, culture, level of travel etc - ask questions to confirm suitability and that the role will work for you.
🧭 Map your experience...
Check the information in the job description and the competences requested. Work out how your experience aligns to the requirements of the role. Remember you don't have to be able to match 100%.
🎬 Practise...
Take any opportunities you can to test out your answers - this can be with others, or even in the mirror!  If you are interviewing online and are not familiar with the technology you may want to take a couple of test video calls first to get yourself more comfortable.  

Tip - There will always be the possibility for things to happen outside of your control - but you may wish to make sure you check the connection in advance and have backup to the battery!

If you would like more support on interviews then contact us at  We can offer 1:1 coaching or check out our events page for information about our next 3hr group workshop.