Inspiring women...

Inspiring women...
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T / Unsplash

We love supporting other women to rise above self-doubt and negative societal influences to elevate their careers and live the life they want. Nothing demonstrates better why this matters than when we see the real life stories of what can be achieved when individuals strive for better and demonstrate real courage in the face of challenges and discrimination.  

The BBC has just published a truly inspiring list of women who have gone above and beyond expectations to make a genuine impact in their field and in the world around them. From top athletes to climate activists, from victims of abuse to change-makers, many of these heroes started out as ordinary women who turned their circumstances around to pursue their passions and goals and delivered something amazing in the process. Some have made waves for specific events, but most made a difference by relentlessly chipping away at a cause they believe in through whatever channels or medium was available to them at the time.  

Check out the details of this dynamic group for yourself here: BBC 100 Women 2022: Who is on the list this year? - BBC News

(We dare you not to be inspired!)