$360bn per year needed to achieve gender equality! WT....

$360bn per year needed to achieve gender equality! WT....
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According to the newly released UN Women Gender Snapshot 2023 $360bn per year is needed to achieve gender equality and women's empowerment across global goals, including to end poverty and hunger!

On top of that 54% of countries still don't have laws in all key areas of gender equality. Feeling frustrated? We defintely are - whilst progress is happening - it's just not enough.

The question for us here at the Confidence Collaborative is, how can we champion equity, equality, diversity and inclusion?

Inspiring You to Take Action to Succeed!

The answer? By helping all you brilliant people. How do we do this?

Hopefully you are enjoying our articles but we do so much more!

We do free Lunch and Learns. Below are 10 ways to advance your career that we discussed in our one last week. But what else?

Experience (and you) has told us that it's not enough, especially as a woman, to just focus on developing our career skills. We need to have the right mindset, the right set of beliefs and great support to make things happen. We also have to feel well enough to take action too.

So we focus on these 3 areas:

Image of mobile phone with the Confident Career Club reception on it. 3 circles that state the areas we focus on - Career Skills, Mindset, Wellbeing
Our 3 areas of focus

Our Confident Career Club has 6 amazing spaces to visit supporting each of these 3 areas of your personal growth.

We are keen to support the 'holistic you' and we are collaborating with various Coaches and Wellbeing Experts to bring you guest speakers, inspiring stories and resilience tools all to help you be your best self.

Head to the Confident Career Club to find out more. Better yet - sign up to our 14 day free trial and enjoy our masterclasses, our lunch and learns on demand, our coaching couch case studies, book reviews and much more.

Inside the Confident Career Club

10 Ways to Advance Your Career

On Friday 22nd September we had our most recent Lunch & Learn session where Joanne was taking us through 10 top tips for advancing your career.  

One key element was about Connecting with Purpose. And we'd love to connect with you at tomorrow evening's session 26th September at 7.30pm UK BST- our first CC Club Community Connect!  

Community Connect bright orange background with the The Confident Career Club logo and. 4 women in different power poses looking excited.
Connecting With Purpose

We are running this event free as a celebration and taster of what's to come for full members of the Confident Career Club and would love for you to come along.  It will be fun and not your tradtional networking session.

You can join by simply accessing the link below at 7.30pm BST -
ID: 88609927890
passcode: 010662

Here is a quick summary of the other elements we discussed...

  1. Define what success means to you - you are an individual and the important elements for you may differ to what matters to others.  Identify the key elements that you want within your role, and any non-negotiables.
  2. Know Yourself - What makes you tick? What are your strengths? What matters to you? And what do you want to achieve from your career?
  3. Understand your Impact - How are you performing now? How do others perceive you?
  4. Know Your Manager - and Their Manager - These are the people whose opinion of you is most likely to shape your career - are you clear about what their priorities are? How might you help them achieve these?
  5. Connect with Purpose - Knowing what you want from your career and what you need to achieve to be successful, who can help with this?
  6. Develop Strategic Awareness - What is your organisation's mission and where do they sit within the market? What trends are shaping the market right now? What are the organisational values - do these align with yours?
  7. Seek Out Opportunities/Practise - Seek out or use opportunities around you to practise new skills.
  8. Build a Support Structure - How do you create space in your life to support you and your career goals? What can you delegate to friends, family etc.What could you stop doing (ironing got crossed off my list!).
  9. Get Innovative - bring something new to the team and the organisation. What's new in your sector, area of focus. How can you introduce an value add change?
  10. Visibility - get in front of the influencers and decsion makers in the organisation. Self-promote with skill.

Bonus - there was an additional top tip for anyone who has tried all of the above, and plenty other useful suggestions that came up in the discussion. To find out what this was, head to the Confident Career Club Academy where you can access the full video of this and all previous Lunch and Learns, alongside a wealth of other resources!

Come and join us at tomorrow's free Community Connect session, where you will also have an opportunity to win a free 60 minute 1-2-1 coaching experience on a topic of your choice.

We will also be offering an extended free trial to the CC Club - so come and party with us. (No sales pitches or elevator pitches required!).

Maggie and Joanne